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We are the legal – Hilaritas Corporation – the "Amazon of LSD"

Hilaritas UG
• We sell the legal LSD-derivative 1cP-LSD. Refresh your mind.

• Our 1cP-LSD is produced in the Netherlands.

•  Enjoy and spread love .

1cP-LSD is for Research Purposes!

• Please do not mindlessly consume 1cP-LSD. Do research. Research your mind.

Set / Setting / Dosage are extremly important!

Do not consume alcohol and weed.

Eat and drink healthy!



LSD is relevant: Curing Mental Illnesses and beyond

LSD can cure addictions, anxiety, and depression. See this study.

LSD is harmless compared to alcohol, cigarettes, and weed (David Nutt studies, 2007 & 2010). See this ranking.

LSD is magic. LSD is love. LSD is art. is looking for Venture Capital / Crowdfunding

• Please check if you are interested in 10% p.a. loans or equity deals.

Invest in a Berlin startup with enormous growth potential. We are building the "Amazon of LSD".

Why is better than any competitor:

1. better prices, 2. better support, 3. better marketing, 4. better user experience, and 5. better transparency

Just call the founder Carl Philipp Trump directly: 0049 175 76 75 708. in the Press (Article and Video)

Vice video interview with the founder Carl Philipp Trump about (in German).

German public TV (NDR) video documentary about LSD with the founder Carl Philipp Trump (in German).

Lucy Rausch Magazin article about the 1cP-LSD trade and the (in German). 

Business Insider article about the founder Carl Philipp Trump (in German).








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