Über LSD.shop

Hilaritas UG
LSD.shop is a brand of the Hilaritas corporation (Latin for cheerfulness) registered in Berlin, Germany. We were founded in September 2020.

Like the Illuminati we fancy the "all-seying eye", but instead we focus on the "all-empathetic heart".

As a young startup we believe in spreading legal LSD-derivatives to the general public.

Be part of the psychedelic movement and spread love.

Our LSD.shop team can be found here.

LSD.shop and "Gutmenschen" (German for "good-humans")

We work together with the German non-profit "Gutmenschen" to provide healing for homeless people. Please familiarise yourself with the project.

We also intend to lobby with "Gutmenschen" for a change of the international drug policies in regards of legalising all drugs and tax them according to their harm.

Donate to make change happen.

We change the world. Join us.